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We can't afford to wait. It’s time for new leadership for New Jersey.

I am taking the first steps toward challenging Bob Menendez because I believe New Jersey deserves a fresh start. The Senator may have narrowly avoided prison, but voters aren’t going to forget what he’s done. It’s time for a clean break from the culture of corruption in Trenton and Washington, DC.

I am the grandson of a public school teacher and a White House butler who served from Presidents Kennedy to Clinton. I am the son of a single mother who put herself through law school while raising me. Like my family, I have focused on public service, from my time as a public defender to my work on the Obama and Clinton campaigns.

There are those who will say that now is not my time, that I should be patient. But I’m part of the generation that’s going to suffer the consequences of the mistakes being made right now in Washington, where the average Senator is 63 years old. We can't afford to wait or be silent. It’s time for the next generation of leaders to rise up.

 - Michael Starr Hopkins